All facial rituals begin with the aroma of cleansing white sage which is known to clear your energy, ending your facial with the healing aroma of palo santo, which is an anciet "holy wood" found in Brazil. All facial experiences include a relaxing hand + arm massage during exfoliation and the choise of rejuvenating foot reflexology or restorative scalp massage while you are masking. All new clients booking any appointment must book a NEW CLIENT FACIAL EXPERIENCE, thank you and we look forward to meeting you. MODERN Holistic Skin is a judgement free spa and education runs deep in our veins, therefore, if you have receieved any medical aesthetics procedures injectabls such as Botox or latest Jenveau as well as facial fillers, please book your holistic facial experience 3 weeks out. And not limiting to chemical peels, lasers, and plastic surgery, or use of any prescriptions prescribed by a Dermatolgist such as Retin-A and any other acne medications, please discontinue and book your holistic facial experience 2 weeks out to allow your skin to heal. We want you to have your best holistic experience, however, medical and holistic do not necessarly mix well together. Gua Sha in particular can move injections as well as breaking it down. Honestly and integrity is our best policy.


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facial experience


This basic hydrating facial will begin by protecting your skin’s natural barrier utilizing an ancient oil cleansing method, removing all skin impurities, followed by warm herbal tea compressing for removal. A gentle grain exfoliation will remove all your dead skin cells, while herbal infusions of petals deeply hydrate your skin. A nourishing and gentle botanical mask will then be applied while your internal body rejuvenates with gentle foot reflexology and a hand + arm massage. Finishing hydrating serums + moisture will be further penetrated using skin healing gemstone therapy for added glow. Your skin will be supple and glowing.





Our facial detox experience is highly recommended for anyone who suffers from acne, congestion, blackheads, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions to help nourish the skin cells within to repair and heal. Skin conditions are signs and mirror to our internal health. When treating the skin from within, the healing results are dramatic. This facial experience begins by releasing and melting facial muscle tension by using Clear Quartz hot mushroom stones during the cleansing process. Melting this tension allows for one of the most profound holistic techniques, Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage, to work even more efficiently. Lymphatic fluid is toxic cellular waste pulled from the cells during the night after they have rejuvenated. Tiny muscles pump the lymphatic vessels to the lymph node. If the muscles are constricted in any way, this fluid can not flow becoming stagnant and even more toxic underneath the skin. This stagnation leads to an array of skin conditions. MLD is a profound method which works in conjunction with the nervous system, putting the cells directly into a parasympathetic state to rest and repair to heal. This method also eradicates cellular inflammation instantly and cumulatively in the following days. Keeping this fluid flowing is vital to healthy glowing skin since the lymphatic system is responsible for keeping our blood clean, which nourishes and feeds our cells with freshly oxygenated blood. Blue LED Light is known to kill bacteria in the skin as well, which happens when there are stagnation and inflammation. This detoxification facial will have your skin nourished, calmed, and revived as well as clearing in the following days.

sun goddess




This 90-minute luxury facial packs a severe punch at combating stubborn hyper-pigmentation which is tailored explicitly for dissolving and lightening sun damage, melasma otherwise known as "pregnancy mask," and acne scarring. An oil pulling cleansing method will hydrate your skin deep within followed by a double exfoliation that genuinely sets your skin up for an authentic glow. This active exfoliation process begins with a manual almond grain to gently whisk away all surface dead skin cells to allow a superfood enzyme to break down deeper damage within the dermis layers of skin, which brings new skin to the surface. Exfoliation is critical in diminishing hyper-pigmentation and contributes to deep product penetration within the many layers of living skin. While new skin comes up, over time, this significantly decreases damage. Following exfoliation, a botanically brightening mask loaded with potent whole plant vitamin C will further assist in dissolving pigmentation. A nourishing antioxidant serum will be applied, which prevents free radical damage while utilizing an ancient beauty tool, Gua Sha, which stimulates fresh blood to flow and nourish cells, which brightens and glows your skin from the inside out. Completing this incredible result orientated facial, a gemstone facial roller will be chosen to penetrate serums and hydrating balms. Your skin will be glowing in living radiance!

gua sha

lift + flow



Defy GRAVITY within this 2-hour tranquility facial. This facial begins with a nourishing oil cleansing method followed by a herbal compressing for removal. Using a superfood enzymatic exfoliation, your skin will be polished to perfection, removing all dead skin cells, revealing glowing living skin while you de-stress with a hand + arm massage. Relaxing facial massage will ease away muscle tension as well as internal stress to the mind and body. A deeply nourishing mask will be applied while gentle foot reflexology pampers your internal organs. Every cell will be vibrating in light as your skin is lifted using patented Nefeli white jade Gua Sha stone. Gua sha is a gemstone plate with curves to glide and sculpt the bone and muscle, creating a lifting technique. After the skin has been lifted, next will be relaxing manual lymphatic drainage massage which will move any and all stagnant fluid under the skin’s surface for freshly oxygenated blood to flow. This drainage massage deeply nourishes all of your living skin cells. MLD will balance the skin, improving tone, clearer complexion, and is essential to calming the nervous system. This facial is incredibly anti-aging and immediately reduces all skin inflammation resulting in glowing, lifted and toned skin.


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